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There is nothing better than coming back from Africa to bang your French man. Pierre and I had been in a bit of a rut. I think a lot of it was Mercury in Retrograde and me letting jealousy ruin what was honestly so good. Before I left for Morocco I had an incredible date with Pierre. I let all my jealousy fall away and I made him tacos in a bikini (Samantha?) and we just enjoyed each other's presence. Some of my tofu scramble burned because as soon as he saw me he had to taste me and the food in the kitchen was forgotten. I went to Morocco with no worries and a lot of dirham.

Whilst there I bought spices and oils and new silver earrings. I escaped myself. I witnessed a culture and lived a life separate from anything I've ever known. I stayed in the middle of a Medina in a beautiful riad. I ate tajine and lentils and wore full length shirts. I bartered for leather bags and ceramic bowls. I saw donkeys and colours and a lot of fresh meat. And I now believe you don't know true freedom and happiness until you get in a Hammam with a big beautiful Moroccan mama. I have never seen a woman more comfortable with her body. For those of you who don't know a Hammam is like a Turkish Bath turned spa. I went with my host mom and some other girls. We enter a small room and our Moroccan mama drops all of her clothes. Next to her are me and my friend, our little white girl bodies looking almost alien next to her dark beautiful body. We enter another room that has a stone basin overflowing with water and stone beds. We throw water on each other. Warm, almost magical water. We are all splashing each other, women from all different places, naked and free. My mama feeling no shame, and every roll and part of her body looked incredible to me. So sexy and confident. Two more Moroccan women enter and scrub us down. I have never felt cleaner in my life. They even wash your hair. Then we all rinsed out our underwear. They gave us robes and I left a new woman.

Five days away from Pierre in what felt like a new world made me so excited to come back and see him. I got home yesterday I showered bought some groceries and headed to his house. I was a bit tanner, wearing dark blue jeans a small pretty white crop top, minimal peach make up, and my new silver earrings. It's almost summer in Paris so it was warm and I didn't have to wear a jacket. I love this feeling. He kissed me as soon as he saw me and told me I looked beautiful and he missed my perfect face and perfect blond hair. He prepared a picnic and we held hands and walked to the park. When we get there this woman comes up to us and gives her bisous. I'm thinking, "Who is this?" Pierre goes, "This is my sister."

WHAAAAAAAT. Pierre's last girlfriend didn't meet the family until they were three years in. And here is his sister right in front of me. A surprise!!! I was so happy. I mean, I can't believe it. It's like the last three weeks of my insecurity just disappeared. He likes me enough to introduce me to his closest sister. She was so lovely. 33, and with a wonderful British accent. We laughed and drank rose and ate fresh tomatoes and hummus. Then his flatmate showed up. Pierre and I have never really hung out with other people. And here we were, with two other people who mean so much to him, and he was still touching my leg and holding my hand and keeping me close. I was filled with content, sunshine, and wine.

We go back to his and head to his room. It's still warm even then. My underwear are still hanging on his window. We fool around and fall asleep watching a movie. I woke up to him going down on me from behind. The best feeling. He grabs my hips and buries his face in my ass. We do it from behind and I feel soooo good with him. We cuddled the whole dang night. Not once losing contact. I played with him in the morning, stole a shirt from his house, and walked to school feeling so grateful for everything in my life right now. That almost-summer feeling is soooo good. Thank you Morocco, thank you Moroccan mama, and thanks Pierre.

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