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Pierre and I did it on someone's lawn yesterday. The day started around 10:30 when I arrived at his house. I was freshly waxed, wearing a dress, and had sparkles all over my body. He told me he prepared a picnic and wasn't going to let me know where we were going. We drive out of Paris and into the beautiful countryside. Finalement we arrive to this place called the Thoiry Zoo. It's essentially so romantic because it is an old castle, a beautiful park, a zoo, and a safari all at the same time. We set a blanket down in the tall grass, and he unravels a beautiful picnic; my favourite crisps, olives, and two beautiful handmade sandwiches.

We start eating and discussing all kinds of things, and he starts to move his hand up the bottom of my dress. He's caressing my ass and he looks at me and goes, "I want you to be naked." We get back in the car, and drive around literally looking for a place we can bang. We arrive to this small French village, and find a lawn that is quite hidden with huge hedges. But at the same time it is so close to the road and literally belonging to someone's home. I get on top of him and he pulls up my dress. We are making out, and I move down his body to suck him. I play with him for a bit and then he pulls me up, moves my panties to the side and we fuck each other.

It feels amazing, being outside, having all my clothes on, but doing something that feels so naughty. He always feels so incredible. We finish, get up and head back to the car like nothing happened except that we are both glowing and smell like cum.

We start the day with the drive-through safari. It was so cool, only forty minutes outside Paris and our car was an arms length away from huge elephants, giraffes, bears, and tigers.

Then we enter the zoo. There is something so wonderful about going to the zoo. You feel like a kid again, like everything is so exciting and endless. I was wearing this really cute white mini dress that kinda made me actually feel young and innocent and free. We held hands the whole day, as we walked around looking at all the different animals. There was a goat pen where you could pet baby goats and Pierre actually let me stay there for ages even though it didn't really interest him but he saw how happy I was so he let me be.

(Me happier than ever with a baby goat:)

Throughout the day he would reach down and touch my pussy or my ass, little reminders that our sexual attraction is stronger than ever.

We drive back to Paris, and he starts playing with my pussy in the car. First he makes me come from my clit, and then he fingers me inside. I want to return the favour so I start to give him head while he's driving, he pulls over as he goes, "I'm gonna get in an accident" and as soon as the car stops he comes.

Then we get burritos to take home for later. When we get back to his, we watch Netflix and cuddle and the sunlight is coming through the window and it's still warm out. We eat our burritos, I introduce him to American Horror Story, and after it's over I initiate sex. He eats me out and it's so hot watching him on my pussy, I love it so much. We have sex first him on top, then he flips me over and does me from behind. We were really loud only to find out his flatmate was actually home... oops. He gets in bed and spoons me and holds me all night.

He had to get up early this morning but at one point while he was getting ready he got back in bed and just held me. It's crazy how much I care for him, how romantic he can be, how I always wanna make love with him. He worships my body, kissing every part, bringing me pleasure as often as he can, and I do the same for him. It's primal, if you think about it. We're kinda like animals at a zoo. Free, careless, and always doing it from behind.

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