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Holy shit it's been a year I've been blogging about my sex life! Time flies when you're having good sex that's for sure.

Well it's been a year and so dang much has changed. I've lived in three different apartments, I tried ecstasy, I finished my junior year, I went to Portugal and Morocco and Italy, I fell in love with California again, I worked a year in le Marais, I fell super fucking in love.

Here we are September 2018 and I'm starting my senior year of university! I moved into a studio in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, got a job at a bar in Saint Germain, and took my relationship with Pierre to the next level.

I guess what I've learned in this past year is to not really let things stress you out too much, there's really no point in getting worked up about things that you can't change. And things that you can change, change them! You can either sit on your ass and be unhappy, or fix the things that are able to be fixed.

But who am I to give advice about things that aren't sex-related, I don't know I'm feeling inspired.

So here's to YOU: my readers.

THANK YOU. Thank you for the hundreds (what!!) of personal messages and follows. When you ask me sex questions or tell me I have made you a better lover or your partner a better lover I am literally filled with joy, having a little happiness orgasm. When you tell me that I've made you more comfortable with your sexuality I LOVE IT THAT'S WHY I DO THIS WEIRD ASS THING. And I have heard from a lot of you, and that's pretty fucking cool. I've got readers all over the world and I am really proud of all you little rosebuds, exploring what Mother Mary gave you, sex organs and the ability to come, multiple times. Thank you thank you thank you for reading about my messy sex life and continuing to read about it through all the ups and downs and such. I wouldn't write if it weren't for y'all actually reading this shit.

So, most of you know about Pierre. It's a bit awkward now because Pierre and his close friends got Instagram and now I think they will all find my blog. njflsahbkb. I mean Pierre knows about it but hasn't read it, and I don't think his friends knew about it. Anyways, here's where Pierre and I are at.

I'm really in love. So much so it brings tears to my eyes. We took things slow, like really slow, and it wasn't always easy for me. We didn't really use labels until a year in. And that's when I met his friends and we started hanging out multiple days a week. But because we took our time, everything is so real now. When he calls himself my boyfriend I get mad butterflies. When we hang out three nights in a row I kind of think I'm dreaming. When we meet up and hang out with his sister I feel like how did we get here? A year ago I couldn't get him to hang with me on a Saturday and now he does anything for me. I recently moved and he handled the electricity, he got me a stove, rented a car to help me move, got me stuff for school, and the list goes on.

And the other night, as I was taking off my contacts in his bathroom he came in and started kissing me. I was in my underwear and a bra and he pushed me up against the wall and began kissing my lips, then my neck. He pulled my panties down and began to go down on me as I was still standing up. Then he turned me around and licked me out from behind. All of this is happening and I'm so turned on but I can't really see because I've just taken out my lenses. He's grabbing my tits and licking my pussy and he begins to kiss me up my back. And then I feel his naked body pressing up against me and I feel his penis. He enters me really slowly and we began to fuck from behind up against his bathroom wall. It was so unexpected and I was so turned on. We finished and took a shower together. I asked him what made him do that, he said, "Well I was planning on waiting on the bed naked for you but when I saw you in here you just looked so innocent and I had to take you." OOHHHH DADDY.

By the way, when I write about sex it's because I think it's natural to talk about sex and I want to share my experiences. It's because I think people should be turned on by these very real stories and not just the fake screenplays of Pornhub. I don't feel shame in it, women can have sex, they can enjoy it, and for fucks sake they can write about it.

So Pierre and I are quite serious now, which scares the crap outta me because I graduate in May and I don't know what my plan is.

But alas, I had a wonderful summer. I sat naked by a pool in the South of France with one of my Swedish friends. I ate pasta in Ostuni and ate brie cheese and read Lolita on a villa in Puglia. I hosted a Midsummer party for my family in California and I spent a lot of mornings in my boyfriends bed. I almost got tattoos with my dad but I chickened out. I celebrated Pierre's 29th birthday in a 5 star hotel and we had sex in a sauna.

I am ready for this year. Ready to cook dinner and watch Sex & the City in my little studio. I am ready to further my sex education at University and continue to share with you my little naughty stories. I am ready to work at a bar and see what that brings to me. I am ready to meet new people and try more cafes. I am ready to turn 23. I am ready to graduate (well fuck not really). I am ready to love Pierre, although I haven't told him yet. I am ready for it all, messy and beautiful as it all fucking is.

& thanks to you, for following along.


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