• Clarke Rose


It all started last Wednesday morning when I had just woken up. I was with Pierre and I checked my phone to find that I had an email from someone who works for Glossier. She was formally inviting me to the launch party for Glossier in France. It was to take place at Laperouse and I had to select if I wanted the beef, fish or vegetarian dinner, oh, and I could take a plus one.

Like a lot of pink-loving, sparkly millennials I have been obsessed with Glossier for about two years now. I love that the CEO is a young woman, I love the embrace of pink, I love that they send you stickers, and I love the concept of Skin care first, makeup second. I love that I always buy the products with my own money and that rewarding feeling of getting that pink bubble wrap package in the mail.

I freaked out and ran to tell Pierre about the party, and I asked if he would be my plus one.

I knew that it would probably be an event full of models and French It girls but this was the coolest thing I've ever been invited to and I wanted him with me.

He came over yesterday and I was wearing a cheetah print mini skirt and a silk sleeveless For Love and Lemons body suit, my friend curled my hair and I did light peachy makeup. I had on these rose gold heart dangly earrings. I felt sparkly, pretty and honestly really proud that I got invited to such an event, and happy that I could share it with my boyfriend.

He tells me that I look so sexy and we share some wine and cheese before leaving. I feel really good and therefore horny and I want to lick his arm. I grab his arm and pull up his sleeve. I lick starting at his wrist and then all the way up to the inside of his elbow. He tells me he's hard and he's gonna fuck me so good later, and we leave for the party.

We arrive at Laperouse and the people working the door tie these little pink ribbons around our wrists that say, "Liberté, Egalité, Glossier." I feel like a million bucks in my outfit and with my hot tall French man. We enter a room full of fresh flowers, dim lighting and golden beams. There are red velvet stairs to the right. A man comes up and offers us champagne, pink champagne for me. There are beautiful trendy women everywhere. Pierre goes, "I am sooo not used to events like this." I'm thinking, ummmm me neither!

If you've read my previous posts you know I have a small problem with jealousy. But it's so crazy because we were literally surrounded by cool looking females, and I only felt empowered, nothing else. I was so happy to have Pierre and trust him, and to not have any feeling of worry. He said, "It's crazy, there are pretty girls everywhere, but none are really my type. Who do you think is the prettiest?" I told him I really didn't know, maybe this one model next to us.

He said, "Oh I can see why other people would think so, but not my type." I don't know if he said these things to comfort me but I felt totally fine. I wanted him to see the beauty in others, I felt overwhelmed with girl love. In the middle of so much eclectic beauty I was just happy someone else was seeing it. He told me I am so pretty, and he's always known that.

The CEO gave a toast, which was incredible to witness, (WHAT a girl boss), and Pierre and I went upstairs to explore. There were velvet couches, candles, and dark rooms. Always with a Glossier "G" on the mirror or a bowl of Glossier on the table, like a bowl of candy, ours for the taking.

We get seated and literally have NAMETAGS on the table. Incredible. As I'm sitting, my body suit unsnaps near my pussy. I tell Pierre it's unsnapped, really embarrassed.

He goes, "Really?" and reaches down to unsnap the other button. He licks his finger and touched my legs, reaching to touch my naked pussy. I'm wet already because the whole thing is so exciting and he plays with my wetness, under the grand Glossier dinner table.

We share a three course meal and then the whole event kind of turns into a club. We dance together, taking free champagne and kissing each other whenever our lips find one another. We look and we watch and we touch. It was like no other experience I've ever had. I talked to the CEO, Pierre encouraged me to.

We left the party drunk and high off Glossier and champagne. We get home and he immediately undresses me. He licks my pussy like there is no tomorrow and then we have hard intense sex (a result of a lot of champagne).

It's crazy because taking him to this party brought us so much closer. And it was like I let go a lot of that feeling of competing with other women that society has instilled in me. I spend so much time worrying that he will leave me or that someone else is prettier than me that I waste moments that I should just be enjoying. And that's exactly what I did last night. I appreciated the beauty of others and in doing so recognised my own unique beauty, and the beauty of trust.

I knew Glossier was good, but I didn't know it was relationship magic.

I woke up today with my silk bodysuit on the floor, curls still in my hair, and Pierre in my bed. Feeling happy and French and confident, and free from all my worries.


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