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Saturday evening began with my beautiful Swedish friend and I. We met at metro Sentier and got wine and frites at a brasserie. It was raining but we sat at the terrace anyways. Pierre messaged me that he was in the area. My friend is yet to meet him and I suggested we all met up. Pierre sent me his location but said he was sick and didn’t feel like meeting anyone new. We then turned into international blonde spies, paid our bill, grabbed hands, and went out into the rain to stalk my boyfriend of two years.


10 minuter later we were at Grands Boulevards at the bar we thought he might be at. Two blonde girls holding hands, we entered a super French sports bar, and everyone had eyes on us because we must have looked soooo out of place. It was so fun looking like spies and trying to catch my boyfriend. It was so fun not caring what French people thought of me, I felt absolutely radiant in my clothes, in my element, with my Ella. We tried around five different bars (almost getting kicked out of one because Ella didn’t have her ID and we snuck in anyways) and one super fancy hotel, that we felt just as out of place in as we did in the sports bar.

We eventually gave up but we were high from all the attention. We stopped at a party for my school, decided to leave said party, and ended up at L’attirail for one last drink of the evening. Pierre told me to text him when I was on my way back home, and he would come over. My friend and I laughed over our wine, ate free potatoes and eventually kissed each other goodnight, and I hopped in my uber pool. The other rider proceeded to talk to me, decided he liked me and asked for my Facebook. The second he got dropped off and out of the car, he messaged me “You are soooo cute! really.” The uber driver and I laughed about it and he told me to block the guy, I asked him if this kind of thing happened often and he said “C’est le premiere fois pour moi,” and dropped me off at home.

It was still raining and I was slightly wet when I got into my studio. Pierre was already in my bed. I stayed in my clothes but jumped on top of him. He was naked other than his boxers and I started to play with his penis over his briefs. I was slightly humping his leg while I did this, and it was making me wetter than the rain did. I pulled off his briefs and started licking and sucking him. It was turning me on so hard because I was thinking of all the guys who wanted to fuck me that night, as they saw me and Ella enter the bars together, and Pierre was the one to get my passionate blow job. He really does go down on me all the time so these moments where all the attention is on him are really fun, and I’m so happy to give that to him. He was so hard and having soooo much pleasure. He eventually reached down and stuck his hand in my tights to rub my pussy. He was so aroused by the blowjob and then touching me, that he came. I got naked and in bed with him. We cuddled and fell asleep together.


We listened to the rain as we slept and woke up on Sunday (which is currently my only day off) around noon. He started the morning lightly touching my pussy over my panties, he teased me with his fingers until I was begging to have him inside of me. I got on top and rode him and my wetness was all over him. We finished and he went to buy stuff to make pancakes!!! Ugh, my heart. When he got back we made pancakes in our underwear and covered them in powdered sugar and syrup he had brought back from Canada. Just how pancakes should be (if you’re american) covered. in. sugar. We then looked up Airbnb’s for our trip to Rome. And then, we fell asleep again. A lovely afternoon-after-pancake-nap. We slept all cuddled and cozy for three hours!


When we woke up we were hungry again (ahhh the life of two twenty something babies) and we ordered Thai food. We got out of bed to eat again, and it was delicious Thai takeout. We then got back in bed to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which somehow (as a huge Harry Potter fan) I hadn’t seen yet. After the movie we made tea and drank it out of huge mugs in our underwear on the floor. He continuously was telling me how sexy I was.


We watched another movie and he began touching me again. Then I touched him, giving him a hand job while I was touching his balls at the same time. I made him come, and we cleaned up and fell asleep again, our bodies touching and the rain falling.

Now that, was a good Sunday.

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